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24 inch Bee with black frame and light yellow 95% shade cloth PREORDER

24 inch Bee with black frame and light yellow 95% shade cloth PREORDER

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RODS ARE TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK AND WILL RETURN MAY 1ST. YOU CAN PREORDER BUT THEY WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL AFTER MAY 1ST.This is our butter yellow 86% shade cloth for our 24"x18" bee!  This soft yellow cloth blocks 86% of the sun so your delicate plants can get a break from the harshest sun of the day.  Meant to shade your plant for 3 to 4 hours, this Bee shade cloth holder is not only helpful but also adorable!   3 section rod, up to 40" high.  Shade for plants, plant shades, plant umbrella.  Plant shade, shade umbrella, plant umbrella, shade for plants

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Customer Reviews

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I live in a townhouse where both the front and back receive a ton of sun. I was gifted hydrangeas, so I desperately needed something shadey to help them out! So far so good! They have fresh green leaves sprouting!! Thank you!

Victoria l Bilden
24 inch bee shade

We have a pool and with the summer heat I’ve had to move all plants off my patio ! Thanks to the bee shade I’m able to have 2 plants in my yard!

Yay, glad to hear the Bee is helping your plants out. Thank you!

Marilyn Holt
Bee Shade

I was looking for something to shade a front yard plant came across the Bee Shade and am very satisfied it’s cute and serves the purpose when you create a larger one let me know Thanks

Hi, I am so glad the Bee is working for you. I do have a larger flower if you wanted to check it out. It is 34' round and is foldable for easier shipping. We have them with a dark blue frame and any of the cloth colors you would like.

Laurel Garneau
I love this cute bee!!

We have a Siebold's Plantain Lily that needs full shade or partial sun. Unfortunately it was planted in direct sunlight, and with summer coming I’ve tried to find some kind of shade. This bee is just right except our plant is rapidly outgrowing the 24 inch size. Do you have larger sizes? I’m sending some pictures also. Thank you guys!

I do have the 34' foldable flower but not very many left in stock. They are more difficult to make and ship so I don't do many. You could maybe get another bee or perhaps a 24' flower to help cover the growing plant. We also have a set of circles with 40' rods that could be artfully arranged to cover more area. And our 24' Mandala is going to be added to the site this week.

Janet Altland
Absolutely adorable

Received 24”light yellow bee. The box was bent and there was a foot print on the box I can’t tell from picture on your site but the head and left wing are bent upwards on ours other than that it’s adorable my daughter loves it. She was using a chair to shade her new fern

I am so sorry it was damaged in shipping. You can gently bend it back down using a round object underneath such as a large can or other cylinder shape and carefully bend it back down. It is 18ga steel so it is rigid but still a little pliable. I am so glad your daughter loves it!