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24 inch Flower, Red frame with 86% blue shade cloth

24 inch Flower, Red frame with 86% blue shade cloth

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  24" Red flower with our new 86% blue shade cloth!  This cloth allows less light to come through so your plants are more shaded during the brightest/hottest part of the day.  It not only offers shade, but it is cooler as well.  New Rod style consists of 3 sections and a three prong ground fork, 40" tall.   Bring the shade with these plant shades, plant umbrellas

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dawn Rossi
great shade

love the 34 inch flower and the other 2 smaller one.

Thank you for your review, I am so glad you like them!

Donna Greytok
Clever product / Bad packaging

As soon as I saw the mangled package UPS delivered, I knew my 24 inch plant umbrella wouldn’t be perfect. Sure enough, the frame was bent and one of the grommets holding the fabric in place had popped. I am using the item. It’s cute. It does provide shade. But at $67 I expected better. At the very least, if the item can’t be wrapped in bubble wrap and sent in sturdier packaging (like a box), write “FRAGILE” on the package. This may not be an issue for the smaller umbrellas, but is something to consider for the 24 inch size

I am so sorry that UPS mangled your package. Bubble wrap is not going to stop UPS from bending or mangling the package and the rods help strengthen the box. And writing FRAGILE doesn't usually work if the UPS person doesn't care. You have the right to file a claim with UPS. Did you take pictures? Please send me pictures and I will be contacting UPS to see if they can speak with whomever delivered your package.

Irene Moszer
Cute but jumps back to vertical

The attachment mechanism on the shade doesn’t work well. Instead of staying in a “shading” position, the shade reverts to a vertical position. I had the rig up a second rod and clamp it to the shade making it stay horizontal.

Hi Irene,
The nuts on the screws that the rod go into on the shade holder can be tightened to keep the shade from turning. It should be very snug in the rod receiver on the shade cloth holder. That is really all it takes to stay put. You could have contacted me about it and I could have helped you with that.